Natural botanical dyes are a living process, the plants and organic material can vary in color according to the specific plant and harvest season.

They have an ephemeral charm and essence unlike synthetic dyes.

Our entire processes from harvesting to production is non toxic, ecologically mindful and environmentally friendly.

These dyes are derived from nature, therefore some colors may shift or lighten over time especially when exposed to very harsh sunlight or chemicals.

Due to the organic quality of plant dyes and delicate nature of silk,

special care will be essential for your TERRENE STUDIO piece to have a long life.

Please read our washing instructions carefully.



Preferably, use neutral and biodegradable liquid soap.

Dilute a mild, pH neutral detergent in cool water (a pH of 7 is considered neutral and examples of pH neutral soaps include: ECOS, 7th Generation, OASIS or Synthropol)

Please avoid oxy-bleach, bleach, baking soda/sodium bicarbonate based cleansers and conventional chemical stain treatments with plant dyed garments.

In the Machine or by hand, we recommend washing the piece inside out.

Wash in the delicate washing cycle, do not mix the pieces with different colors and with conventional pieces.

Dry in the shade or on delicate in the dryer.

Direct light when drying can compromise the color.


Natural dye is sensitive to acidic substances such as: lemon, vinegar, alcoholic beverages, deodorants and perfumes with unnatural chemicals.

Contact with these substances may cause staining or change to color.

To remove oil and grease stains, use a small amount of baby powder directly on the area of the stain as soon as possible. The baby powder should absorb the grease.

Turn the garment inside out and iron in place. The grease will be turned into a paste. Remove this paste without rubbing and wash the piece in cool to warm water.

For stains from contact with food or chemical products, dilute the neutral soap well in water, place the piece completely immersed and lightly massage the area.


Silk Charmeuse: A luxurious silk, satin faced fabric drapes beautifully. Hand wash in cool water, hang or lay flat to dry. Steam to restore texture or run in dryer on delicate or, dry clean.

Please never use bleach on silk.

Silk Noil: Silk with a textural, nubby hand and light to medium weight body.

Plant dyed silk noil is best hand washed with cold water.

Hang or lay flat to dry, steam to restore texture or run in dryer on delicate.