Inspired by what other creatives have
done in search of a commercial use for
purple urchin, Terrene Studio
experimented with creating a limited
collection of 100% silk urchin dyed
garments.The colors resulted in soft
peachy pinks and earthy golds.


Why purple urchins? Terrene's mission is to find an intersection of ecology and beauty, style and sustainable practices. This is why we only dye with locally abundant species and emphasize using invasive plants or in this case invasive urchin.
“ In California, it is estimated that 95% of the kelp forests, which serve as both shelter and food to a wide range of marine life, has been decimated and replaced by so-called “urchin barrens” – vast carpets of spiked purple orbs along the ocean floor.” - The Guardian


The purple urchin population is a very important problem for the world on land too. With this project we hope to bring awareness and encourage everyone to educate themselves about this issue and experiment with ways to turn this pest into an alternative resource. Many chefs are trying to utilize this urchin in their cuisine for example. More on the urchin and our kelp forests to come!



the process of dyeing with purple urchin